Event Summary

Our May Agile Yorkshire meetup is set to be a vibrant and enlightening gathering, featuring two engaging talks. Lindsay Baker will delve into "Embracing Neurodiversity in Agile Teams," offering a fresh perspective on team dynamics. Catherine Bonner's session, "Build and Refine Your Public Speaking Toolbox," promises to equip attendees with essential communication skills. It's an ideal opportunity for those looking to spice up their professional toolkit while keeping the vibe light and engaging. We'll be announcing more details about Catherine's involvement in due course, keep an eye on our news feed and socials.

Event Presentations

Embracing Neurodiversity in Agile Teams
Agile principles and practices present opportunity to truly embrace the strengths of diverse cognitive styles. Creating an inclusive environment, which enriches team dynamics and empowers the collective capability is integral to building teams with the diversity of thought, skill and experience to succeed in delivering valuable software products & services. In this meet up we will explore what neurodiversity means and look at opportunities to recognise the strengths and needs of individuals in teams. I will share some of my experiences as a neurodiverse colleague. Moving away from working patterns that contribute to burnout, the two sides of emotional hypervigilance and overcoming the overwhelming concern that I may lose all my words when presenting to large groups of people (still working on this one!) We will explore ways we can overcome barriers to inclusion by sharing practical tips and strategies across our community, focused on leveraging strengths and building collaboration
Lindsay Baker
Lindsay is an experienced Digital Delivery Leader and Agile Adoption Coach, specialising in building effective and efficient delivery practice for organisations. As a neurodivergent female in tech she is passionate about the value of diversity in the products we build and creating inclusive culture which enable colleagues to contribute their strengths.
Build and Refine Your Public Speaking Toolbox
Great public speakers aren’t just born that way…it’s a skill that can be learned, developed and honed. In a tech landscape where sharing ideas, concepts and opinions is integral to your success, developing your ability to connect, engage, and inspire an audience is a great way to further your career. Our new Public Speaking Partner, Catherine Bonner from Ambient Tribe, shares practical tools and techniques to up your presentation game, whether you’re just starting out, refining your skills or preparing to speak on the main stage.
Catherine Bonner
Catherine Bonner is a Communication consultant, coach and trainer with over 15 years of experience helping business leaders and teams master how they communicate. She has guided countless professionals in mastering the art of public speaking, refining presentation techniques, and engaging an audience. Catherine has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by the tech industry, having worked in-house for a tech scale-up and then as a trainer and coach for numerous tech companies. She loves helping people develop their ability to take complex information, connect with their audience and drive meaningful change within organisations. Whether delivering keynote speeches, facilitating workshops, or providing one-on-one coaching, Catherine is dedicated to empowering people to communicate with clarity, conviction, and authenticity.