High Performing Teams Know More About Trust

Wed (05:00 PM - 06:00 PM)

Event Summary

One of Agile Yorkshire biggest strengths is hearing real life stories and insights from experienced local practitioners. When these stories are shared they a substantially more valuable because they are told along with the circumstances and context within which they relate. Our speakers this month are two excellent example of this. Laurence Wood explores trust between delivery teams and their customers who may often have been used to working with teams delivering in in a traditional project manor with large batches of work and limited or no iteration. Believing in iterative product development often needs to be seen before it is believed. Andy Butcher digs into the emotional attachment that can grip teams and trick them into delivering the wrong thing with frustrating outcomes.

Event Presentations

High Performing Teams Know More About Trust
Customers can distrust people who limit scope in order to achieve early deliverables. Previous disappointments (they never got the functionality they wanted) mean they assume the first release will actually be the only one. So they include everything in a gold plated wish-list due to a lack of trust. But in a trusted relationship a team will be able to negotiate on scope finding the contingency they require to meet their commitments despite inevitable curve balls. Every Digital Delivery team needs to show they can be trusted. I find it helpful to ask what factors they expect to impact trust in them as a team. This hands-on session shares how IndigoBlue help digital teams to explore reputation and trust.
Laurence Wood
Laurence inspires teams and leaders to deliver more value, more often using Agile and Lean in India and the UK. He discovered Lean as a Jaguar Cars apprentice in 1988 supervising V12 and XJS assembly whilst studying Manufacturing Engineering at The University of Birmingham. Ford’s takeover prompted his decision to move fully into IT with RAD (Rapid Application Development) pioneers Marks and Spencer. Freelance development lead roles followed in South Africa, Austria and the UK including Coca Cola, and South African Airways. He later became Development Manager then Divisional Head of IT at Williams Lea in the demanding City of London investment banking arena. His Lean and Agile experience spans 25 years. Now Yorkshire based he likes to help software teams and digital leaders to deliver more value more often with leading consultancy IndigoBlue.
The Shit Nightclub Antipattern
Why people and organisations are reluctant to abandon a project or an idea, even when it's clearly rational to do so.
Andy Butcher
Solutions Architect at Sky Betting & Gaming. I feel strongly that software development is about people. I'm fascinated by how we can build teams and systems that we feel proud to be involved with.