How Might We Involve & Unleash Everyone?

Wed (05:00 PM - 06:00 PM)

Event Summary

We're back after two months off with two great speakers and two great topics. David Harper reflects on his former role as CIO to give a sneak peek into boardroom IT decision making and Sharon Dale will throw some light onto the Liberation Structures body of knowledge. Plus the venue is back at the Platform office above Leeds train station. It is also that time of year where we start thinking about our annual Lightning Talks Competition that we have held as our December meetup for a good number of years now. We'll be announcing the CALL FOR SPEAKERS in the next few days, so get your thinking caps on!

Event Presentations

It's Alright for You, You've Had Cancer!
An engaging, witty and at times irreverent look at why ‘the Grown-Ups’ in Board Meetings and Steering Groups make the decisions they do. And how they all love Agile – until it requires a big decision! By taking us on his own unique journey from IT Coder to CIO, David shares his own techniques on how to survive in the Boardroom as the ‘IT Guy’ representing Agile projects, and how his own adversity has unlocked a fear he has held since childhood. For anyone frustrated by the apparent lack of understanding of Agile in the Boardroom or mystified by the Waterfall or Fragile decisions that often come back – this is the session for you!
David Harper
David has over 20 years experience of delivering major projects and programmes of change in Financial Services and 30 years IT experience. Most recently he was CIO for a £4bn business, collaborating closely with a number outsourcing partners and suppliers to deliver game changing outcomes. He is a strong advocate of Systems Thinking and has employed ST techniques to significantly reduce the cost of change programmes. David’s exposure to Agile has been through his leadership and mentoring of a number of Agile teams delivering both short term outcomes and multi million pound whole system replacements. Consistently David has been the bridge between the Scrum Teams and the Board Room, making sense of the illogical and managing the unreasonable. His mentees describe him as an “outstanding mentor” with an “engaging and inspiring” style. “He has a calm air but an acute sense of timing when things need to be shaken up or difficult questions asked” was a recent quote from a Programme Sponsor of a major Agile undertaking.
How might we involve and unleash everyone?
A treasure trove of simple, practical methods to stimulate critical conversations and liberate the full potential of any group, from the frontline to the C- suite.""Cheryl M Scott – Global Programs Senior Advisor, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. What would be made possible if you could unleash the intelligence and creativity of everyone? Liberating Structures are a collection of easy-to-learn facilitation patterns that make this possible. They're field tested, rooted in complexity science and freely shared under a creative commons licence. In this short session, participants will gain practical hands-on experience of at leas one Structure, and an appreciation of some of the possibilities offered.
Sharon Dale
Sharon is an independent consultant based in Leeds, UK. She is most interested in creating the conditions for participation and unleashing talent in your teams. She runs the Liberating Structures practice group in Leeds and is part of the team who run the worldwide virtual user group.