Making UX Agile & How Our PO Learned to Stop Worrying

Wed (05:00 PM - 06:30 PM)

Event Summary

Software technology keeps marching forward with new ideas and fascinating engineering innovations that can, if allowed to, distract from the job at hand - to provide value through software features that normal humans can actually use. That means delivering value as soon as possible and regularly checking that people can reliably accomplish what they need to quickly and without fuss or lots of training. This month we focus on just this with insight into agile testing of the UX kind with Ian Franklin and Ashley Wheat plus a dip into the world of MVPs and what they can bring to any delivery team with Joe Williams.

Event Presentations

Making UX work within Agile
Too often the big blue sky horizon of Agile falls short of its promise when technical delivery takes over and UX design and user needs start to look like a bolt on, a nice to have, and “it's a lovely idea. It's even worse when those above lose sight of the user and start suggesting or imposing user stories and use needs that seem to come from the whims of a stakeholder or outer space. In the talk Ashley and Ian will cover how to keep UX, user centred design design and user needs alive and kicking throughout Agile process. This will include tricks to keep stakeholders onboard, how to package UX and user centred design so that it maintains importance, and how to manage upwards when the senior project team are new to Agile roles.
Ian Franklin
Ian is a professionally qualified and accredited business psychologist with nearly 20 years experience working as a consultant in the public and private sectors. His strengths are in culture change, team working (including virtual teams) and design of customer services and the user experience. He is committed to ensuring that design is something which is done with people and not to them. Currently he is developing the user research capability of NHS Digital’s Digital Delivery Centre.
How Our PO Learned to Stop Worrying and Love MVP
When pressed with hard deadlines like the start of the Premier League season and a rapidly changing market, we really had to think about the way we would deliver software. Our product owner wanted frills and bows, but we didn't really have the time to give him either. Instead, we taught him to stop worrying, and love the minimal viable product. In this talk I'll go over how we optimised our process, learnt to be strict with our product owner, and ultimately delivered the new Sky Sports iOS Enhanced Live player for Premier League fixtures. I'll also talk about the impact of this going forward, and how we extended the player to include EFL fixtures in just 3 points. I'll also talk about how, in my own independent development, I faced the same issues my product owner did, and the issues that arose from that. Hopefully at the end, there'll be something you can take away, whether it be about embracing MVP, or learning that MVP isn't what you think.
Joe Williams
I'm developer working at Sky, on some of their biggest apps. I've contributed to Football Score Center, Sky Sports UK, Italia, Germany, and our legacy stuff with a bunch of different, but excellent teams. I've also worked at small start up agencies, in teams of 2 or 3, that are just in the process of embracing Agile. Through these, I've learnt how to refine my own way of working, and also work in teams to find our best way of working.