March Meetup: Aaron McKenna and Supercharge Alignment With OKRs plus Matthew Turnbull's Scrum Master Journey

Wed (06:30 PM - 08:30 PM)

Event Summary

Hey Agilistas, Get ready for a blast at next month's upcoming meetup, where agile adventures are on the horizon. First off, Aaron McKenna will be taking the stage with "Supercharge Alignment With OKRs", promising to reveal the magic of aligning team goals with agile wizardry. Expect insights, case studies, and a sprinkle of Aaron's infectious enthusiasm. Then, Matthew Turnbull will share his "My Scrum Master Journey", taking us through the highs and lows of his 18-month adventure in the scrum world. From Leeds to leaderboards, Matt's story is set to inspire and entertain, showing us the real side of scrum mastery. Both sessions are bound to be not just informative but sprinkled with laughs and real-world wisdom. Prepare to leave inspired, a bit more knowledgeable, and eager for more. Plus, the networking will be top-notch as always.

Event Presentations

Supercharge Alignment With OKRs
In this talk, we will look at two recent case studies where we've used OKRs to align and elevate portfolio performance using agile practices. We will share some of our most impactful takeaways on how to supercharge your goals and alignment within your organisation.
Aaron McKenna
Aaron is a highly experienced Agile Transformation Coach and Trainer, specialising in helping companies better align strategy and execution using agile practices at scale.
My Scrum Master Journey
Listen to my journey as a scrum master so far, discussing the many challenges I have faced, from not coaching a team to very challenging stakeholders. But, also the highlights of the role, seeing teams improve and learn! If your curious about learning what it means to be a Scrum Master working their way through the fog of helping individuals and a team, come along.
Matthew Turnbull
Hello! My names Matt, I’m 24 and I’m from… LEEDS! (Doing my best “take me out” impression). I’ve been working as a scrum master for 18 months. My journey so far has been unbelievable, but has of course had its ups and downs! During my talk I will be talking you through that journey, from my first role in an IT environment to most recently learning how scrum can be scaled! If you would like to know a little more about me, feel free to ask away.