Prototyping Public Services & Blending Agile Delivery

Wed (05:00 PM - 06:30 PM)

Event Summary

The variety and depth of topics covered by speakers is ever expanding. We all know the value and savings made though gaining feedback from users of a system early and often and this month Dennis Vergne shares an approach to system building in the public sector that he's dubbed "whole system prototyping" as a model for doing just that. Plus Austen Bell and Glen Crossley are here to talk about the open source Blended Agile Delivery (BAD) toolkit that has recently emerged from work right here in Leeds.

Event Presentations

Prototyping Public Services
We had a theory that Agile is just as well suited to Public Service organisations as it is to Private, software development industries. We proved that theory right. Through 'whole system prototyping' we incorporated Agile, Design and Adaptive Leadership to bring about positive, sustainable change in to UK Public Services. We used these approaches to not only enable better services and achieve savings but also brought about a true sustainable adaptive culture, able to face the future with confidence. I'm looking forward to sharing the what, why and how with you... Maybe even throw in an activity to help explain.
Dennis Vergne
I have a passion for enabling transformational change that sticks; turning ideas into effective practice and behaviours. Although originally from Holland, most of my work has been within the British public sector, ranging from over thirty local authorities, the NHS, probation services and central government. After gaining an MSc in this field (Oxford - Distinction), I set-up RedQuadrant, a successful full service public sector firm, with Benjamin Taylor in 2007, before becoming Managing Director of Basis.
Blending Agile Delivery
An introduction to a blended approach to Agile delivery. There are many tools, techniques and frameworks available, one rarely solves all your challenges. BAD is an open source knowledge base that attempts to share experiences of blending multiple approaches together to experiment, learn and adapt.
Glenn Crossley
The Blended Agile Delivery (BAD) Toolkit is an open source set of tools and techniques that help Portfolios, Programmes, Projects and Teams efficiently plan and deliver managed change within Lean and Agile principles. The toolkit offers a practical approach to the prioritisation, planning and execution of delivery and transformation initiatives. It is the culmination of decades of experience as well as leveraging the experience and knowledge of thought leaders across the globe. Glenn Crossley and Austen Bell are both co-founders of The BAD Toolkit.