Stakeholder Engagement, Sales Thinking & Should We Be Product Owners

Fri (05:00 PM - 06:30 PM)

Event Summary

Building the right thing and having a good outcome from a software project requires all sides to be wilfully collaborating in a creative and enthusiastic fashion. That may seem obvious and easy but the IT industry has a legacy culture to deal with. It's not uncommon for both sides to be evaluated on meeting deadlines and budget constraints but not always on costs saved or revenue generated by the outcome of a software project. Of course measuring outcomes isn't always easy and bringing people together to collaborate meaningfully when they may also have other day to day tasks to get done is a similar challenge. However in the world of software product development it's people working together that often transforms the outcome and this month our two speakers Simon Cookson and Simeon Smith are both drilling into upstream end of the product development pipeline.

Event Presentations

Stakeholder Engagement, Sales Thinking and Should We All Be Product Owners?
Simon will explore what agile teams could learn from sales thinking and practice about engaging stakeholders. Talk about how stakeholder engagement can build team resilience and explore whether we should all become mini-product owners.
Simon Cookson
Since gaining an MA in Creative Sector Management from The University of Sheffield’s Business School, Simon has worked in digital and creative businesses for over 20 years and his experience centres around sales, marketing and client services. Simon has been involved in founding successful digital start ups, helping build the UK’s first digital bank, and winning and managing multi-million pound digital transformation projects.
Business Analyst, Product Owner or Product Manager?
Having been through a few job titles over the past few years (Business Analyst, Product Manager, Product Owner), I’ll be talking through what I think the similarities and differences between the roles are. I’ll also explain one approach to setting-up teams including these roles which avoids people stepping on each other’s toes.
Simeon Smith
Product Management Consultant with software delivery experience across Healthcare, Sports Betting and Personal Finance. Currently working with Hippo Digital on a front-line NHS delivery.