Story Splitting for Beginners and Experts Alike

Tue (05:00 PM - 06:00 PM)

Event Summary

Fresh from the hugely successful one day Crazy Agile Thing conference over Leeds Digital festival week we've two excellent speakers pluck from our own community this month. Tony Heap has always been very popular with his past session being amongst our most watch videos and Stew Able, long time supporter of AY is debuting as a speaker.

Event Presentations

Story Splitting for Beginners and Experts Alike
User story splitting is an established practice on agile delivery teams. But in my experience, it’s really difficult to do well. In this presentation I’ve pulled together everything I’ve learned about story splitting. I'll talk about why, when and how to split stories. I'll present different story splitting techniques and, most importantly, I'll show you what order to use them in. I'll also explain why I think it's dangerous to play with spikes! If you're new to story splitting, this presentation is for you. If you think you already know how to split user stories, think again!
Tony Heap
Tony Heap is a freelance agile coach / trainer / scrum master / business analyst designer based in Yorkshire. He has worked for all sorts of clients including HMRC, YBS Group, ASDA, Morrisons, NHS, DoH, RWE nPower, Arcadia, BT, BarclayCard and Egg, in some cases partnering with consultancies such as Equal Experts, BJSS and Answer Consulting. In his spare time he likes to share his experiences and ideas on his blog www.its-all-design.com. He is particularly interested in agile approaches and how they apply to business analysis. He is a requirements denier.
Using AWS PaaS for an MVP
Need to start a new project? Do you need to keep your hosting costs low and development time short? Does throwing everything at AWS PaaS products help? Stewart decided to try just this to find out . Here he discusses his experience, and lessons learned.
Stew Abel
Stew is a software development consultant, helping unlock potential in teams, and ensuring the right thing is built in a sustainable way.