Test Driven Development - The Most Misused Term in Software Development?

Tue (05:00 PM - 06:30 PM)

Event Summary

It's a while since Agile Yorkshire had an entire evening of content that was firmly planted in agile engineering but for February we're back to our roots. We're still building our calendar for 2017 so watch out for new announcements and get in touch if you know someone with a story to tell.

Event Presentations

Test Driven Development, the most misused term in software development?
In this talk Oliver describes what "Doing TDD" is and, importantly, what it isn't. He will make the ethos of TDD very clear and show you how to do TDD via a live coding demo. He touches on mocking, the testing pyramid and finishes by doing a fanaticism check with the audience.
Dr Oliver Shaw
Oliver is an associate with Equal Experts. Currently assisting the public sector. Oliver has an interest in creating pragmatic, quality software and getting that into live as soon as possible using DevOps techniques. Specific tech interests include Scala, Docker, CI/CD. Co-Organiser of DevOps North East.
Dependencies, Injection and Abstraction for Fun and Profit
What is abstraction, and when should you use it? How much is too little, and how much is too much? Why are we even bothering anyway? If you get it right, you might just make your life much easier; get it wrong and you might end up wishing that you never bothered. In this talk, we’ll examine what abstraction (and, more specifically, dependency injection) is, what it does, and how it can make your code more testable and reliable, as well as being a key factor in enabling continuous delivery.
Keith Williams
Keith began his career by setting up websites for local bands; since then he has progressed from web developer to senior developer and technical architect, moving from PHP to .NET, and has changed his mind about all aspects of development more times than he can count. He’s currently leading the development team at Sun Branding Solutions, with the stated mission of keeping the company on the bleeding edge without losing too much blood in the process.