The Golden Snitch of Scrum & Using Data Like a Formula 1 Team

Tue (05:00 PM - 07:30 PM)

Event Summary

Last month's two engineering based presentations received great feedback but we like to mix things up and this month it's all metrics, data and quantitative decision making. This should be the foundation and focus of any lean / agile leadership team, however this is sometimes not the case. When an organisation uses data well it knows what it's capable of and can match resources to demand, deliver predictably and react in real time to production problems before they escalate. Unfortunately the lagging indicator reports of old are still alive and in common use, accompanied by the familiar lurching from one crisis to the next. Come along this month, learn from others and don't let that happen.

Event Presentations

The Golden Snitch of Scrum
No-one seems to talk about velocity anymore. I want to talk about velocity. And Harry Potter a bit. I mean I like Harry Potter, but I like stable velocity a fair bit more. I'm going to talk about why velocity is so important to me, why it should be so important to you, and how its possible achieve predictable delivery when you catch the Golden Snitch of Scrum.
Amy Thompson
Amy Thompson is an award winning Scrum Master and Agile Coach who is passionate about Agile practices. Specialising in Scrum and Kanban, her belief in discipline and structure has transformed many teams to high performing success. Having worked in an array of organisations from large enterprises to FinTech startups, there's not much she hasn't seen. Amy firmly believes the key to high performance is a collective mantra of 'setting each other up for success', and educates both teams and senior management on how to do this well.
Using Data Like a Formula 1 Team
Formula 1 teams use data to fuel continuous improvement. Can agile teams do the same with Metrics? If they can, what effect can this have on people? Jon will share thoughts and experiences from using Metrics with agile teams.
Jon Fulton
Jon spent 12 years as a software developer before swapping code for people in 2012. Since then he has worked with teams to use Agile and Lean techniques to deliver great results, ranging from software for ticketing and turnstiles at the London Olympic park, to Online Sports Betting. Last year Jon joined Sky’s brand new technology centre at Leeds Dock, where he is now involved in the continuous development of Sky’s Kids App, streaming children’s TV to mobile devices.