What’s Wrong With Estimates & The Product Manager

Sun (05:00 PM - 06:00 PM)

Event Summary

Welcome back. The summer is passing, the kids are back to school and our traditional December lightening talks competition is only three months away. We have two great speakers this month covering predictable delivery and the roll of the Product Manager. With both speakers plucked from within our northern agile community. Read on for details and see you all next week.

Event Presentations

What’s Wrong With Estimates?
Agile development has been around a long time now. One of the key concepts in reliably and consistently delivering software and crucially, realising it's value, has been the flow of stories through the delivery chain, however big the organisation. In this talk, Ethar presents his view on why it works, how Kanban works at scale, what always worked before agility, how to spot value delivery and crucially, the limits to employing particular practises. All Illustrated with Lego and Monopoly money.
Ethar Alali
CxO of Axelisys, Agile-EA, Developer and founder of several start-ups, Ethar Alali comes from a long, diverse systems engineering background. He has an obsession with applying mathematics, statistics, agile and lean thinking to his work and has been working in agile positions since 2002.
The Product Manager
This will explore who the product manager is, who the product manager isn't, what a good product manager should be, from the type of character to the output.
Martin Woodford
Martin Woodford is a Web Development General Manager for Blue Tree. He has been working for Agile organisations for the past 10 years, although some have been more Agile than others. Having done every IT related role from QA, Developer, Project management, & Product management through roles he has held for Walmart Global eCommerce, Republic, Hallmark, and Alliance & Leicester (Santander) he is now focused on being a Scrum professional guiding his team through Agile transformation. He is also a Director at The Safer Eating Company ltd. This Leeds based start up is utilising Lean Start up principals to deliver continuous change to their web site. Martin is a keen to learn from other about Agile and now keen to share his knowledge & experience with anyone else that is will to listen.