When a Project is Overtime and Overbudget

Sat (05:30 PM - 07:00 PM)

Event Summary

Agile project management methodologies and agile project management books give the impression that if you follow their recommendations and implement their practices your projects will be on-time and to budget. However, my own experience is that most projects, even if they are good examples of Agile project management practice, are still perceived by most of the people involved, and especially by customers and stakeholders, to be late and over budget. Why should this be? Why does being late and over-budget feel so bad? What can we as developers, project managers and even customers do to make the situation better?

Event Presentations

Overtime and Overbudget
In this talk I examine the powerful reasons why most projects are perceived to be late and over-budget and suggest, possibly controversially, that this is probably going to be the default state for most software projects for a long time to come. I then go on to suggest some strategies for continuing to deliver value to customers on late and over-budget projects whilst at the same time easing the stresses and pressures on developers and project managers and allowing them to feel they are doing a good job.
Mark Stringer