Ambient Tribe Becomes Agile Yorkshires Public Speaking Partner

mastering the art of public speaking
Ambient Tribe Becomes Agile Yorkshires Public Speaking Partner

We are thrilled to announce that Catherine Bonner, MD of Communications & Employee Engagement Consultancy, Ambient Tribe, has joined forces with Agile Yorkshire as our Public Speaking Partner.

The partnership aims to support our whole community, build confidence and develop our skills in getting up on stage and sharing ideas. There will be more information coming out soon explaining how we plan to make this available but you can rest assured that if you step forward to speak at one of our events in the coming months we want to support you.

Catherine Bonner is a communication consultant, coach and trainer with over 15 years of experience helping business leaders and teams master how they communicate. She has guided countless professionals in mastering the art of public speaking, refining presentation techniques, and engaging an audience.

Catherine has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by the tech industry, having worked in-house for a tech scale-up and then as a trainer and coach for numerous tech companies. She loves helping people develop their ability to take complex information, connect with their audience, and drive meaningful change and innovation.