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Mark Stringer
Ethar Alali
CxO of Axelisys, Agile-EA, Developer and founder of several start-ups, Ethar Alali comes from a long, diverse systems engineering background. He has an obsession with applying mathematics, statistics, agile and lean thinking to his work and has been...
Martin Woodford
Martin Woodford is a Web Development General Manager for Blue Tree. He has been working for Agile organisations for the past 10 years, although some have been more Agile than others. Having done every IT related role from QA, Developer, Project...
Dr Oliver Shaw
Oliver is an associate with Equal Experts. Currently assisting the public sector. Oliver has an interest in creating pragmatic, quality software and getting that into live as soon as possible using DevOps techniques. Specific tech interests include...
Keith Williams
Keith began his career by setting up websites for local bands; since then he has progressed from web developer to senior developer and technical architect, moving from PHP to .NET, and has changed his mind about all aspects of development more times...
Amy Thompson
Amy Thompson is an award winning Scrum Master and Agile Coach who is passionate about Agile practices. Specialising in Scrum and Kanban, her belief in discipline and structure has transformed many teams to high performing success. Having worked in...
Jon Fulton
Jon spent 12 years as a software developer before swapping code for people in 2012. Since then he has worked with teams to use Agile and Lean techniques to deliver great results, ranging from software for ticketing and turnstiles at the London...
John Le Drew
John has over 17 years of experience working in software engineering as a system administrator, software engineer, technical lead, technical director, development manager and agile coach. He currently runs the consultancy firm Wise Noodles here he...
Chris Cheadle
Apart from two years as an International Account Manager for software sales, Chris has been leading project delivery in both the public and private sector since 1996. During the early 2000s Chris developed a passion for improving how organisations...
Tony Heap
Tony Heap is a freelance agile coach / trainer / scrum master / business analyst designer based in Yorkshire. He has worked for all sorts of clients including HMRC, YBS Group, ASDA, Morrisons, NHS, DoH, RWE nPower, Arcadia, BT, BarclayCard and Egg,...
Stew Abel
Stew is a software development consultant, helping unlock potential in teams, and ensuring the right thing is built in a sustainable way.
Mike Burrows
Mike Burrows is author of Kanban from the Inside and founder of Agendashift, the home of an integrated set of online, workshop-based and coaching tools for a growing community of Lean-Agile transformation practitioners. Prior to these roles, he...
Ivor Tymchak.jpg
Ivor Tymchak
I'm an outsider. I ask a lot of questions about systems, ideas and beliefs and I analyse any answers given. Often, the answers don't make sense so I ask more questions. Because my background is one of a creative practitioner - film-maker, artist,...
Adam Mitchell
I stumbled across agile and lean working about 15 years when I was a developer - it was love at first sight. The transparency, the focus on value and the autonomy all seemed to make so much sense why weren't companies adopting it! I've spent...
Chris Warren
I’ve been a software test consultant for nearly 8 years working in a variety of sectors across numerous roles mainly in performance and automation. My current engagement is for a consumer finance company who want to give their major platform a...
Ian Carroll
Ian Carroll is a consultant, coach, and speaker on all topics related to Lean, Kanban and Agile software development. Using his 25 years of hands-on experience he helps clients transform their organisations using Agile & Lean techniques to lower...
Matt Barnaby
Matt is agile coach specialising in change, improvement, project mobilisation and the delivery of transformation to create organisational efficiency, process and service redesign within public services. Matt has delivered effective agile models...
Joe Stead
The majority of my career has been dominated by the .NET world, although recently my focus has been on exploring the greater development community. I'm a firm believer of continually learning and trying new things, you never know what else is out...
Karl Scotland
Karl Scotland helps businesses become Learning Organisations. Over the last 15 years he has been an advocate of Lean and Agile approaches to achieve this, working with companies including the BBC, Yahoo!, EMC Consulting and Rally Software. During...
Ian Thomas
Ian Thomas is a Software Architect working to develop the next generation of sports betting experiences at Sky Betting & Gaming. Leading teams tasked with building API-driven, component-based applications which, when combined, form a cohesive,...
Jon Fulton
Jon spent 12 years as a software developer before finally focusing on Agile Delivery in 2012. Since then he has worked with teams to use Agile and Lean techniques in industries such as Fin-tech, Leisure, Online Gambling, Kids TV, Tourism and...
Andrew Meyer
Andrew Meyer - Director of the Digital Delivery Centre at NHS Digital Andrew has a strong background in delivery, with a passion for delivering value and for developing a culture to support high performing teams. Andrew headed up the replacement of...
Kevin McCabe
Kev has worked with large corporations in the Finance, Media, E-commerce and Logistics spaces. With a passion to improve developers from the ground up in all areas of development. He also has a huge Interest in all things Agile since 2002, mainly...
Laurence Wood
Laurence inspires teams and leaders to deliver more value, more often using Agile and Lean in India and the UK. He discovered Lean as a Jaguar Cars apprentice in 1988 supervising V12 and XJS assembly whilst studying Manufacturing Engineering at The...
Andy Butcher
Solutions Architect at Sky Betting & Gaming. I feel strongly that software development is about people. I'm fascinated by how we can build teams and systems that we feel proud to be involved with.
Ian Franklin
Ian is a professionally qualified and accredited business psychologist with nearly 20 years experience working as a consultant in the public and private sectors. His strengths are in culture change, team working (including virtual teams) and design...
Joe Williams
I'm developer working at Sky, on some of their biggest apps. I've contributed to Football Score Center, Sky Sports UK, Italia, Germany, and our legacy stuff with a bunch of different, but excellent teams. I've also worked at small start up...
Simon Cookson
Since gaining an MA in Creative Sector Management from The University of Sheffield’s Business School, Simon has worked in digital and creative businesses for over 20 years and his experience centres around sales, marketing and client services....
Simeon Smith
Product Management Consultant with software delivery experience across Healthcare, Sports Betting and Personal Finance. Currently working with Hippo Digital on a front-line NHS delivery.
Dennis Vergne
I have a passion for enabling transformational change that sticks; turning ideas into effective practice and behaviours. Although originally from Holland, most of my work has been within the British public sector, ranging from over thirty local...
Glenn Crossley
The Blended Agile Delivery (BAD) Toolkit is an open source set of tools and techniques that help Portfolios, Programmes, Projects and Teams efficiently plan and deliver managed change within Lean and Agile principles. The toolkit offers a practical...
David Harper
David has over 20 years experience of delivering major projects and programmes of change in Financial Services and 30 years IT experience. Most recently he was CIO for a £4bn business, collaborating closely with a number outsourcing partners and...
Sharon Dale
Sharon is an independent consultant based in Leeds, UK. She is most interested in creating the conditions for participation and unleashing talent in your teams. She runs the Liberating Structures practice group in Leeds and is part of the team who...
Mark Kirschstein
Mark Kirschstein is an independent developer, trainer and software coach living and working in Manchester.
Steve Trapps
Steve is an experienced Scrum Master and Professional Scrum Trainer with Steve started his career as a developer, working for Nestle before moving on to work for Sky build applications & websites for many of the English Premier League...
Matt Skelton
Matt is the Founder and Head of Consulting at Conflux. He has been building, deploying, and operating commercial software systems since 1998. As Head of Consulting at Conflux, he specialises in Continuous Delivery, operability and organisation...
Royd Brayshay
Royd is a co-founder of NewRedo, a software product development company focused on customer-centric solutions and iterative delivery. He has organised the Agile Yorkshire community group for many years (rarely speaking himself!) and runs workshops...
Jason Simpson
Jason is an engineering leader & agile coach and has been a material part of the large scale transformation at anaplan. He is passionate about successful agile implementations and building out scalable and resilient software architectures that...
Tom Hoyland
With a background in software engineering, product development and service transformation, Tom likes to get under the bonnet of products and teams to understand what makes them tick and how they could be better. He’s led a range of agile and digital...
Malcolm South
Malcolm is a Product Owner specialising in fintech at Equiniti Credit Services
Kev McCabe
Kev McCabe has been working as an agile coach at William Hill since March 2018. Working on multiple transformation initiatives over this time. Kev works with multiple teams and helps them improve their ways of working by listening to the team and...
Jutta Eckstei
Renowned author, Jutta Eckstein, works as an independent coach, consultant, and trainer. She has helped many teams and organizations worldwide to make an Agile transition. She has a unique experience in applying Agile processes within medium-sized...
Matthew Skelton
Matthew Skelton is co-author of Team Topologies: organizing business and technology teams for fast flow. Head of Consulting at Conflux (, he specialises in Continuous Delivery, operability and organisation dynamics for software in...
Kieran Baker
Kieran is currently the Chief Digital and Information for South Yorkshire Integrated Care Board. Kieran has over 10 years' experience in the NHS in Digital, Data Technology, with roles spanning provider, system and national organisations.
RAchel Carrington at Agile Yorkshire.png
Rachel Carrington
Rachel is currently the Head of Portfolio and Operations at South Yorkshire Integrated Care Board. Rachel has over 15 years' experience in the NHS, predominantly in project and delivery roles related to national digital and data programmes.
Alan Raison
Alan is an experienced developer, DevOps engineer and engineering team leader, who is constantly looking for ways to improve his teams' ways of working.
Aaron McKenna
Aaron is a highly experienced Agile Transformation Coach and Trainer, specialising in helping companies better align strategy and execution using agile practices at scale.
Matthew Turnbull
Hello! My names Matt, I’m 24 and I’m from… LEEDS! (Doing my best “take me out” impression). I’ve been working as a scrum master for 18 months. My journey so far has been unbelievable, but has of course had its ups and downs! During my talk I will be...
Lindsay Baker
Lindsay is an experienced Digital Delivery Leader and Agile Adoption Coach, specialising in building effective and efficient delivery practice for organisations. As a neurodivergent female in tech she is passionate about the value of diversity in...
Catherine Bonner
Catherine Bonner is a Communication consultant, coach and trainer with over 15 years of experience helping business leaders and teams master how they communicate. She has guided countless professionals in mastering the art of public speaking,...

Upcoming Event



2024 May Meetup

Our May Agile Yorkshire meetup is set to be a vibrant and enlightening gathering, featuring two engaging talks. Lindsay Baker will delve into "Embracing Neurodiversity in Agile Teams," offering a fresh perspective on team dynamics. Catherine Bonner's session, "Build and Refine Your Public Speaking Toolbox," promises to equip attendees with essential communication skills. It's an ideal opportunity for those looking to spice up their professional toolkit while keeping the vibe light and engaging. We'll be announcing more details about Catherine's involvement in due course, keep an eye on our news feed and socials.