Free Creative Team Training from Creative Huddle

It felt so Useful and Inspiring
Free Creative Team Training from Creative Huddle

A few weeks ago I attended an event where James Allen of @Creative_Huddle ran a session on group creativity techniques. It felt so useful and inspiring (and agile) that talking to him afterwards seemed essential. One thing led to another and James has agreed to visit Agile Yorkshire sometime this year.

In the mean time he has kindly offered a small number of FREE tickets to two of his upcoming events:

  • Upgrade Your Creativity
  • A Bootcamp for Creative Campaigns

Both events are happening in the next few days so you'll need to be available but hey, they're FREE. If you can make it along to either come and grab me at tonight's meetup (Feb 11th) or tweet us a message at @AgileYorkshire (priority will be given to tonight's attendees).

Also if you'd like to reserve space for other colleagues Creative Huddle have offered Agile Yorkshire attendees a 50% discount code which we'll give out tonight or try tweeting us.


Royd Brayshay