Sponsorship - William Hill Sponsors Agile Yorkshire

Help our region become a fantastic place
Sponsorship - William Hill Sponsors Agile Yorkshire

It's fantastic news that William Hill will be supporting Agile Yorkshire as it is one of Leeds' top IT employers and well know amongst our community for the work it does. Agile Yorkshire's mission has always been to "help our region become a fantastic place to build software" and one way we try to do that is by supporting local experts and the passionate, talented people, who come along to our monthly meet ups.

Working with William Hill helps achieve our mission as well as amplify some of the values we promote and underlines William Hill's commitment to using agile development ideas to further its business goals. Below is a quote from William Hill about their new association with Agile Yorkshire.

"At William Hill, we go one better in everything we do – and our agile@scale programme is no different. Business agility will help us deliver customer value. Making us a truly customer centric organisation which fosters creativity and innovation. Put simply one of the benefits of working in an agile way is that we can get our products and services to our customer faster.

Not only that but it speeds up getting their feedback too so that we can modify it and can quickly make changes to improve our customer experience. But agile transformation doesn’t happen overnight and implementing agile practices isn’t easy. It requires a complete mind-set change. Agile working practices encourage everyone in the team to behave as an entrepreneur. Teams are self-organised with no hierarchies.

Culturally it is hard to change but when you get there it delivers value quickly and creates a more exciting environment. However at William Hill we’re one step ahead. Agile fits in perfectly with Go one better which is about constantly making the small improvements that add up to big returns. Enabling us to set the standard and be the brand in everyone’s hand."


Royd Brayshay