Thanks to all our Lightning Talk Volunteers

Their Enthusiasm has Allowed this Years Events
Thanks to all our Lightning Talk Volunteers

We've had a fantastic response to our call for Lightning Talk speakers. In the end twenty people came forward, some with more than one idea, for the opportunity to take part in our annual December lightning talk competition. If you get the chance to personally thank any of the following people please take the opportunity to do so:

Ed Jannoo, Stephen Blower, Macs Dickinson, Paul Berwin, Grant Crofton, Stephen Blower, Ash Winter, Simon Davy, Joe Roberts, Andy Stewart, Stew Abel, Ray Edgar, Richard Tasker, Steve Carter, Amy Thompson, James Jeffries, Neil McLaughlin, Royd Brayshay, Nick McKenna and Ivor Tymchak.

Their enthusiasm has allowed this years event to be bigger and better than ever.

Obviously our problem now is how to whittle down the numbers to give a line up that will fit into two hours on the night. That's still to be decided and it seems only fair to let the speakers themselves have a hand in the process. But however it's done, rest assured that everyone who has come forward will get an opportunity to speak either in December or after the new year and no ones efforts will be wasted.

Stand by for more information and announcements.


Royd Brayshay